(Cupcakes Butterfly Cake)


A cupcake is a great alternative to a slice of cake. Fun for kids and adults, cupcakes are for any occasion (birthdays, weddings, baby showers or holidays). You can also have the best of both worlds by ordering a cake made up of cupcakes (Butterfly Cupcake Cake).
Here are some of the cupcakes we offer:
• Carrot: carrot muffin with cream cheese frosting and butter cream carrot motif on top
Chocolate: chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles
Coconut: chocolate cake with butter cream frosting and coconut shavings
Pastel Floral Cupcake: chocolate or yellow cake with a white chocolate coating (in any color) and sugar blossom
Red Velvet: chocolate cake with red food coloring and cream cheese frosting
Vanilla: yellow cake with butter cream frosting and sprinkles
We make mini cupcakes too!
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